Nano offers new monetisation opportunities for virtually all publishers

When publishers seek to use their website to generate addional sales, banner advertising is often the method chosen. But they are constantly challenged by the dilemma of establishing a healthy ratio of editorial content and advertising. Too much advertising will turn off users, while too little is unprofitable.

Nano’s partners can take advantage of a far more sophisticated opportunity for monetisation. No need for advertising space, no need to influence users! When users search a website by entering keywords into the search box of the site, the website publishers transfer those keywords to Nano. If the keywords match an advertiser’s current campaign, they are used – and paid for – by Nano.

The more keywords that are available to create user profiles, the more successful advertisers’ campaigns will be. To achieve this, Nano works with thousands of partners all over the world, which generate countless search queries on their websites.

Not all our partners are large scale publishers. The search queries entered on long tail websites, like blogs or niche stores, are usually far more precise, with users who are far further along in the purchase decision process. Basically, any website provider that has a search box may be relevant as a Nano partner.

image shows how search retargeting could work for data partner. Data Partner deliver the keywords user were searching for on their website to Nano Interactive. If one of their keywords is used for an ad delivery they receive payment.

All data partners in our network can track the search queries they have delivered to Nano at any time – and check which of those queries were actually used for search retargeting campaigns. Publishers can find out how much additional revenue they can generate from their partnership, right down to the last pound and penny. They also find out which keywords work on their sites, and can use this information to optimize their sites.

As Nano’s data partners, publishers can be confident that all applicable data privacy regulations are complied with. The search queries that are generated and sent to Nano are anonymised and cannot be used to draw conclusions about users’ personal characteristics.

Who can become a Data Partner?

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Content Pages

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Price Comparison Sites

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Online Shops

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Wiki Pages

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