Nano combines all the benefits of search and display advertising

The Nano principle is familiar to anyone who has already used Google AdWords: online advertising is triggered by current search queries entered by individual users.

The search queries are generated in a network of data partners and saved as anonymised user profiles on Nano’s own data management platform, Audience Manager. As soon as a profile is ready to be used in campaign displays, it undergoes continuous updating, with each new search by a known user added to that user’s personal history. This “evolving search” is used to pinpoint the user’s precise stage of decision-making.

Our process offers numerous benefits to advertisers: media wastage is avoided and users respond with higher engagement to the advertising. Advertising messages can be customised to various situations – from general initial interest to clear-cut purchase intention. Nano’s campaigns have been proven to deliver superior overall performance.

Search Retargeting does not involve setting up specific websites or booking advertising space. Instead, users themselves “decide” where the advertising they see is displayed – on exactly the sites they are currently visiting. Our reliable Brand Safety technology fully protects the advertisers’ brands from inappropriate environments.

image shows how Search Retargeting works: user searches for something on data partner website and gets relevant ad on another website later on.


Acquires new customers

Unlike classic retargeting, Search Retargeting addresses users that have not yet been in touch with the advertiser.

Intent-based advertising

Search Retargeting is not merely context-based, but is triggered by actual user intent.

Higher level of user engagement

Because users receive responses to their actual current search, their engagement is significantly higher than in classic online advertising.

Increases sales

Search Retargeting addresses users that show above-average purchase probability.

outlines: In search we trust. In display we deliver

No wasted coverage

Our intelligent Audience Manager platform ensures advertising is only displayed to users that show concrete intent.

Cross-platform, cross-format handling

Developed in-house, Nano’s advanced technology allows even the most complex campaigns to be managed and optimised with ease.

Competitor targeting

Competitor Brand Targeting allows you to target users that are actually interested in your competitors.

Search Retargeting for Advertisers

Nano Interactive offers innovative solutions for online campaigns. This search-based targeting approach ensures that advertising messages hit home – and that our advertisers’ targets are met, and even exceeded.

Become a Data Partner

Nano Interactive Data Partners can unlock new opportunities to monetise their own website – with complete transparency. Joining our system is fast and easy, involving minimum technical effort.