In today’s digital advertising ecosystem consumers have become more privacy conscious than ever before making it more important for brands to reach, target and connect respectfully with their audiences.   3rd party cookie reach is on the decline and we simply cannot ignore it: With GDPR  having been in full swing for over a year and the recent pressures from the data protection authorities putting increasing pressures on the digital landscape to change it is getting ever more pertinent for advertisers to sit up and take stock of how effective their current targeting models are and the long term implications on reach and revenue.   With the widely distributed browsers –  Safari & Firefox now  blocking 3rd party cookies by default and a host of mechanisms being invented to avoid work-arounds e.g. ITP,  the ability to target these browsers through traditional cookie based retrospective targeting is being restricted.

Add to this the safety savvy users deleting cookies after every session and those surfing in incognito mode. The prospect of marketers being able to reach their full audience potential is shrinking into oblivion.   The impact is not only being felt by EU-based companies. Now  with the CCPA legislation in full swing the restrictions on cookies has hit a global scale.

So with the days of the cookie potentially numbered, what other tools could advertisers use to help identify and target people beyond their profile or their demographic? This, I believe, is where intent marketing, over identity comes into its own and has the potential to solve many of the challenges brought about by GDPR, but also to help create a much better experience for the end user.

Intent marketing is  fast becoming an effective and sustainable mode of speaking to a relevant and valuable audience. The process involves identifying and then targeting real signals of interest in a product or service, as opposed to pinpointing audiences based purely on lookalike modelling from retrospective profiles or demographic data. Instead of simply targeting what marketers assume to be their core audience, using intent signals allows you to open your advertising up to everyone and anyone who is interested at that moment of time and without any reach restrictions due to browser limitations.

Our targeting solution ‘Nano Live’ is real time Intent based whereby  targeted advertising is served in the moment a user arrives from a search engine based on the search just made or entering a search query into a publisher browser. Fundamentally this solution does not depend on cookies therefore opening brands up to reaching that 55% of the web currently hidden from cookie-dependent solutions.