Intent over identity in a cookie-less world

We were recently delighted to be shortlisted in The Drums Best Buy side platform alongside Carat and Mondelez who leveraged Nano’s world class cookie-less targeting product.

With Chrome’s announcement in January and Safari blocking third party cookies as default our nomination couldn’t have come at a more pertinent time for brands to start evaluating their current targeting methods and take steps to ensure they are prepared in 18 months.

For far too long the industry has been dependent on the safety net provided by third party cookies. Many advertisers now find themselves paying over the odds for audiences on Chrome and still over-relying on retrospective targeting models with out-of-date data. With this comes the limitations of restricted reach and a knock on their long-term revenue potential.

The campaign with Carat and Mondelez has proven that targeting through Nano’s 100% cookie-free platform is a step towards helping brands tackle any privacy and reach related challenges and guess what – it works! Advertisers can now target users in a far more effective, safer way without relying on user identifiers – making for a far better experience for the end user and the brands bottom line.

Through Nano’s unique tech stack and AI capabilities we make sense of billions of intent data signals to provide brands like Mondelez with a holistic view of their audience’s true intent and actionable insights to inform their ongoing ad strategies.

We believe intent over identity is the future and we hope we can take you along with us. To see the full case study or for a live demo and to find out more contact me direct

Author: Matt Hamill, Account Director, Nano Interactive