Living through lockdown – Our Tips

As we enter our ninth week of working from home and with the inevitable downturn in ad investment, our initial response has been to ask ‘what more can we be doing?’. But this should also be a time of reflection on how we’ve been functioning at a business and team level and look to invest in processes and ways to improve channels of communication and relationships with our clients.

Within the Client Services team at Nano we have been applying our company values to implement key processes that make our employees lives easier and ensuring the quality of service for our clients isn’t compromised along the way. These are just some of the things we have been doing that we hope will help you too:

1. BALANCE – We try to stick to our workday routine as much as possible and are supportive of our colleagues who have families and need room for flex. This keeps us sane and keeps the right balance between work and home time – essential for our mental health.

2. KEEP TALKING & PLANNING – We have daily kick-off team calls to organise and plan our day. This opens a forum to talk about challenges and address anything people are struggling with (it happens – we’re human). This continues externally as we are reaching out daily to clients across Europe to check-in with them and ensuring we are offering as much support as possible.

3. STAY ON TOP OF IT – Scheduling our diaries to keep track of tasks we are doing and prioritise is just one small way we can feel a sense of achievement at the end of each day.

4. REFLECT – We’re actively working with agency planners and taking the time to look back at previous campaigns and learnings to support them and specific verticals. As a result, we’ve invested more time in rolling out deep-dive insight projects that feed into their planning for both the short and long-term.

5. FUN – We’ve implemented regular calendar dates to invest in our whole teams health and wellbeing – from Friday team yoga sessions with the Digital Yogi to team Quiz nights in.

With these five key modes of working we feel we can come out of this period feeling more robust and resilient than ever and having more strategic plans in place for the future.


Author: Patrycja Kwisdorf, Head of Client Services, Nano Interactive