Nano leads charge in digital supply chain clean up with first cookie-free FMCG digital campaign

The ongoing challenge of transparency pervades the digital ad supply chain and in the words of Marc Pritchard are often “murky at best, fraudulent at worst” . In a study from global consulting firm AlixPartners it was found that of the $79bn spent globally by FMCG’s on digital marketing a total of 60% failed to deliver any noticeable ROI therefore deemed a waste.

Here at Nano Interactive we have been leading the charge in bringing transparency and accountability back to the digital supply chain for over a year with the development of our world class live intent platform designed to bring real time, cookie-free targeting to advertisers. Our solution comes at a pertinent time when the Industry at large is in a state of flux following the recent announcement of Google soon to kill off third party cookies coupled with the steady rise in widely distributed browsers already blocking cookies.

In a media first we have started to make inroads in the FMCG sector with a 100% cookie-free campaign with Mondelez’ Philadelphia. The solution is working towards helping the FMCG sector slowly overcome any transparency related challenges so they can target users in a more privacy friendly way without relying on cookies or other user identifiers and making it a far better online experience for the end user.

Nano’s recent campaign with Mondelez has proven the advantages in driving ad engagement across ALL browsers without the need for cookies. Through live keyword targeting Nano were able to intercept in-market audiences in contextually relevant environments reaching new users at scale at the very moment they were expressing intent. Results saw reach and engagement goals being exceeded with significantly higher engagement across Safari Browsers – a typically hard to reach audience due to default cookie blocking.

In total the campaign reached an impressive 2.2m Unique users with 75% viewability. Through our AI capabilities we were further able to unearth audience insights providing Mondelez with a holistic view of their audience interests. Insights ranged from top performing keywords, publishers, device, temporal data and creative performance through to detecting peripheral areas of audience interest which can later be used inform brands ongoing ad strategies. Interests included Tech, Computing, Healthy living, Sport, Automotive, Food and Drink. And top performing keywords were centred around popular diet plans such as Weight Watchers, Keto and the Cambridge diet plan as well as fitbit & electric bikes.

Mondelez are one of many FMCG brands now starting to address their targeting strategies or face seeing significant restrictions on their reach and revenue potential.

“Nano’s Live targeting solution enabled us to extend our reach, targeting relevant consumers in cookieless environments with multiple creatives during moments of increased affinity and high intent. Utilising keyword data signals in real-time and across cookie-less environments enabled us to target during optimal levels of intent helping drive excellent results for Mondelez.” George Thorpe, Digital Manager, Carat