Our advice for advertisers amid Covid-19

Nano’s Trading Director Niall Moody shares with Exchange Wire his advice for advertisers amid Covid-19. To read the full report click here

We are beginning to see the effects of these uncertain times and enforced changes on consumer behaviours. There has been caution from many brands about the best course of action for the short term whilst others have acted on the opportunity to support the big changes to consumer need states.
As more time is spent indoors, we expect to see people spending more time online actively engaging with news and video content and an increased demand for some categories like DIY or consumer tech products. Whilst a lot of categories may see a fall in immediate demand, we expect many to try and maintain salience at this time by running considerate, non-pushy branding activity.

Providers such as Nano Interactive are in a great position to support brands by supplementing traditional search tactics and reaching individuals with impactful advertising targeted to their live search intent signals. This means brands can reach both “in-market” users with call to action messaging and also, importantly, continue to build awareness with broader category searchers, for example Philadelphia who recently targeted “fitness and health” enthusiasts to build consideration for their healthier products.