Nano gives your online campaigns new impetus

As an advertiser, all you need to do is to supply a list of keywords describing your products as broad as possible. Leave all the rest up to Nano’s advanced technology.

Users that have searched for a specific keyword on one of our data partner websites can be re-targeted: if their search profile matches a keyword from the advertiser’s list, they automatically view advertising that corresponds to their interest.

Irrespective of the medium, the advertising is always displayed on a website the user is currently visiting. In this respect, the method offers a clear advantage over classic environment-driven advertising where advertisers have to hope for the right target group.

And yet Nano’s method and conventional advertising do have something in common: the care they take to protect advertisers’ brands. Nano’s Brand Safety tools ensure that advertising is displayed in a directly visible area, and prevent advertising from being displayed in inappropriate contexts.

image shows our benefits for advertiser: programmatic inventory, high performance traffic, data driven, simple & performing, 100% brand safety, competitor brands targeting, proprietary technology, cross-device, no media wastage, intent-based advertising, new customer acquisition

Developed in-house, Nano’s technology enables all performance data to be analysed at keyword level – across all channels.

For advertisers, this means potential customers need not be tracked on their own website. But in fact, they don’t even need to visit it! Nano is on the spot whenever users search for that advertiser’s products, services or information elsewhere.

Nano brings together what belongs together: the best from the world of search engine advertising and the best from the world of display advertising. By combining these benefits, Nano thus ensures reliable and long-term expansion for its advertisers’ customer portfolios.

Benefits for Advertisers

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Search Retargeting

The Ideal Combination: Search Data and Display Advertising

icon target

Targeted Contact

Intent-based Advertising

icon new

New Business

New Customer Acquisition

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Competitive Edge

Competitor Brand Targeting

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Enhanced Efficiency

Avoidance of Media Wastage

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Proprietary Technology

Search-based; Reporting and Optimisation at Keyword Level

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Performance Boost

Increased User Engagement

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Fair Conditions

Innovative Technology – Conservatively Priced


Nano provides wide-ranging protection for advertisers’ brands. The real-time defence system reliably pinpoints suspicious sites and blocks them from displaying advertising. Blacklisted IPs are blocked.

Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings and Nano’s own Viewability Monitoring provide transparent information about when and where the advertisers’ advertising has actually been displayed – and seen by the users!


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Advertiser provides keyword list


Nano evaluates and expandes this list

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Nano forecasts expected volume

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Advertiser implements pixels

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Nano launches campaign

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