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Behind the Mask Research

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Behind the Mask – UK Online Consumer Privacy Research

We surveyed a representative sample of 2036 UK consumers in September 2023 to understand their preferences and drivers around masking in depth.
Top findings
  • Masking is Mobile:   58% are more likely to mask their personal data on average on mobile than desktop across all seven methods measured.
  • Email based identifiers a turn-off: Knowing a brand was using their email address or mobile number to target them with online advertising, 49% of consumers would be more likely to mask their information online.
  • VPN & Incognito at a premium: While other masking methods occur evenly across different groups, the use of VPNs and incognito/private browsing increases consistently as you move up the earnings scale. The highest income households are 69% more likely to use private browsing and 65% more likely to use a VPN than those on the lowest incomes.
  • Masking Moments That Matter: People mask their data at key moments for advertisers: 49% to prevent retargeting in general, a similar number when searching for answers to private or personal questions, while 38% do so to keep their browsing history private when sharing devices.

Behind the Mask Research

Where, when and how UK consumers opt out of people-based targeting. 

Download & understand the latest views of UK consumers on privacy, cookies and people-based targeting.

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