LIIFT™ is Nano’s next generation platform for futureproofing your targeting

What is Lift What is

LIIFT ™ (Live Intent Identity-Free Targeting) is Nano’s very own platform and uses proprietary technology to assess the suitability of every single impression in order to deliver a campaign’s KPI.


LIIFT ™ combines data from three key points in order to achieve the optimal goal: meaningful metrics, next generation contextual and consumer mindset.

Meaningful Metrics

We use historic data from thousands of campaigns to predict how well a certain ad placement will perform for each metric and each vertical. This data is factored in when LIIFT ™ assesses the value of each ad impression for a client campaign.

Next Generation Contextual

LIIFT ™ can evaluate the content of your ad will appear within. We assess more than just keywords and categories by looking at the deeper semantics and sentiment of the content in order to ensure brand safety and ad relevance.

Consumer Mindset

We analyze the user journey to understand all intent signals. For example we look at how the user was driven to the website (search, social, direct), and our technology can determine what search term was used.

Nano has innovated to create new metrics such as “Time in View” which allows us to look beyond mere viewability and to optimize campaigns towards how long an ad is in view for, so that we can effectively target attention in order to drive incremental value for our clients.

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Nano’s technology does not rely on personal identifiers of any sort.

No cookies, no UIDs and no email addresses.

We believe LIIFT™ is the future of digital marketing, combining three data dimensions – user intent, next-gen contextual understanding, and the historical performance of placements and formats – to optimize every ad impression, giving campaigns a chance to target relevant users at the moment of intent.

It is in line with the growing desire for more data control and privacy. It also secures our advertisers against future changes.


Why we’re

Why we re Different

We take pride in providing a solution based on:

Live intent targeting

Leverage advanced Search Signals to intercept users the moment they perform their search and when they are most receptive to brand messaging.

Next-gen contextual

Use advanced, on-page semantic and sentiment analysis to deliver your ads across hyper-relevant and brand safe content.

Extended reach

Enhance your data strategy and reach the 65% + that are no longer trackable and targetable across Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Identity-free technology

Nano delivers activity without any kind of identifiable information – that means no cookies, no 1st party data matching, no universal IDs.


Strategic uses

How can you make the most of Nano’s technology?

Nano’s LIIFT ™ product can be harnessed to deliver effective and innovative digital campaigns in multiple ways.

Here are some of our client’s most popular strategic uses:

Bridging the gap between search & display

We understand the search terms that drive users to content and can target them in that moment of intent.

We can then target them in real-time using your campaign keywords, and / or nano generated keywords.

Underpinning your ATL activity

Use Nano to capitalize on the increased traction your brand experiences during periods of higher ATL spend.

Ensure digital budgets are working harder during key campaign periods.

Hijacking real-time trends

Our live intent targeting enables us to see and respond to new trends as they happen in real time.

Our AI platform means this can be done automatically so we can activate day and night.

Competitor Conquesting

Because we can measure and target on-page sentiment, we can target relevant audiences using competitor keywords alongside sentiment to drive an increase in market share.

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