Brand Safety Policy

At Nano Interactive we are committed to delivering the highest levels of brand safety for our clients to minimise the risk of ad misplacement.


Nano Interactive has 9 step vetting process for onboarding direct publisher relationships. They must meet our criteria to be approved as a new inventory source for Nano Interactive.


Nano utilises DSP platforms and exchanges to access some of our inventory. All exchange buys will have the Nano Interactive black list implemented as standard.


Nano Interactive has partnered with IAS, utilising their technology within the auction process. This allows us to target around brand safety, contextual ad blocking, viewability and ad fraud. This solution ensures our advertisers will only appear on appropriate content that is classified as safe by IAS.


Nano Interactive implements their own blacklist to remove inappropriate content from their inventory sources. Every campaign will run with the blacklist implemented with the list being updated on a regular basis.


In addition, on agreement with the client, Nano Interactive can implement any advertiser whitelist or blacklist in line with their own brand safety measures.


In the unlikely event that one of our campaigns is displayed against inappropriate content, Nano Interactive will ensure the ad is taken down as soon as possible. All requests between the working hours of 9-5.30 will be taken down within 3 hours of notification. The contractual consequences of this will be agreed on a case by case basis and campaign specific.


Outline any PII collected by yourselves

Nano Interactive collects data via anonymous cookies or similar identification technologies placed on the users’ device via our partners’ websites or apps. This allows us to show ads that are more relevant and interesting to users. However, we do not at any point collect personal contact information such as the users name, address, phone number, email, address, credit card information, or anything else that enables us to contact users directly. Data around searches that contain sensitive data (pursuant to Art. 9 GDPR) is not collected or used for targeting. Users may opt out of our technology on thus preventing us from collecting data via anonymous cookies.

Our new intent targeting solution INSIST™ has the ability to work without the use of cookies or identifiers to target users. This means there is no consent required from the user and therefore it won’t be affected by ePrivacy Regulation or any 3rd party cookie setting in browsers.

Please detail where and how your data is held

We store our customer/prospect data with Amazon Web Services in Ireland and only senior representatives within the development team have access to it Our technology has been developed to meet security requirements of the GDPR. Our services are backed by robust, state-of-the-art technical and organizational safeguards, dedicated security and privacy teams, and our technology and processes are reviewed annually by third-party auditors (ePrivacy GmbH). We have a monitoring system in place that alerts us in the instance of a security breach upon which we can then inform the relevant advertisers and publishers.

Outline your approach to changing permission/permission statements against your datasets

Users have the option of clicking our opt-out link from which a cookie is set on their browser which prevents our system from targeting or tracking the user. Users may also opt out of our technology on preventing us from collecting data via cookies.

Data queries/response to consumer complaints

Due to our cookies being anonymous we are not able to contact consumers.