How Nano helped BPP University discover new audiences and generate high interaction with innovative formats.

Case Study

Case Study Case Study


peak CTR value reached since the campaign started in April 2021.


uplift in performance driven by the Parascroll set when compared to Standard IAB formats.


improvement in performance, almost quadrupling the interaction rates recorded in the campaign’s early days.

We added in Nano initially to test search intelligence signals to reach and engage with students within key times in the conversion journey with relevant BPP messaging.

After initial testing we saw that Nano was able to deliver extremely strong engagement rates through rich media formats allowing us to drive students to find out more information on the BPP site.

Utilising learnings month on month and trusting the LIIFT™ product to improve over time we have seen a 272% improvement in CTR since we added Nano to the plan.

- Harry Bevvor
- Senior Planner (Dentsu)


For the past year, BPP University has been relying on Nano’s LIIFT™ offering to engage relevant audiences. We ran a dual targeting strategy showing the efficacy of Rich Media creatives compared to the Standard Display set: both targeting lines exceeded the KPI goal, with the Parascroll format set driving significant impact.


The year-long partnership has constantly generated a solid engagement and proved its success with its prospecting-focused approach.

Prioritising unique users displaying course-specific intent, we worked to increase BPP University’s brand awareness and drive relevant traffic to site in key moments of the recruitment season.

The CTR performance always stayed well above the 0.15% benchmark and the double targeting strategy allowed us to show the efficacy of innovative formats such as Scoota’s Parascroll when matched to our identity-free product offering.

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