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The competitive release of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 coupled with the new normal is a catalyst for the biggest year ever for Gaming.

Hardcore gamers have been searching for a hint of information on either console since the whiff of their releases back in 2018. And the rumours circling that this may be the last ever year of the console has further heightening interest in the category.

Now, less than two months from launch, that excitement is peaking with significant intent uplifts predicted as we enter the Golden Quarter.

Here’s three tangible strategies brands can leverage now to take advantage of this unprecedented interest in the gaming category.


  1. Leverage the spike in interest   

Searches for gaming brands and products have increased by 33% since the start of lockdown.

As they build hype in the lead up to their launch brand searches for PlayStation (+218%), Xbox (+96%) and  Nintendo (+13%) with the Golden Quarter round the corner prime day and black Friday related searches are set to skyrocket gaming intent even further.

Nano’s live intent targeting enables brands to take advantage of peaks in searches as we target users live search behaviour. Meaning brands can leverage the increased intent shown in the category by capturing user’s attention by placing their ad in front of them at the exact moment they search for a relevant product.


  1. Unlock highly valuable audiences

50% of display audiences are now no longer accessible via third party cookies. Namely Apple users via their default browser Safari, Firefox and the increased number of users who now use private mode for browsing.

Because Nano’s live intent targeting does not rely upon third party cookies it means we can reach these highly valuable users as soon as they search for gaming related content – be that on a search engine or a publisher site.


  1. Grab attention with bespoke, device specific creative

High impact mobile formats should be device specific to maximise creative execution and ensure engagement.

Serve Mobile Parascroll or desktop lightbox units, built and powered by Nano’s live intent targeting at the exact moment users search for maximise impact and attention.



Author: Matt Hamill, Account Director, Nano