Search Retargeting with Nano Interactive – Boosting your online advertising

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The Idea

The ideal time to target users with the appropriate advertising is when they are actively engaged in searching for information, products or services. By analysing concrete search queries in a range of online media, Nano Interactive can estimate users’ level of interest at that moment. This data is then used to display highly targeted advertising. Nano’s technology matches the advertising message to the user’s interest, achieving focused online advertising with no media wastage.

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The Technology

Based on this idea, the technology developed by Nano Interactive analyses the search data collected and compares it against the requirements of advertiser campaigns. If the criteria match, the ad is displayed. This system focuses on the search itself as the primary targeting criterion, and thus significantly enhances efficiency. Reporting dashboards deliver cross-channel tracking of performance in real time at keyword level. Nano’s thus achieves additional levels of optimisation that have previously only been associated with SEA.



Nano Interactive has an international network spanning thousands of data partners. These record the keywords and keyword combinations users entered into the search box on their site. Nano’s data management platform, “Audience Manager”, then generates anonymised user profiles, fleshed out with the information collected from the users’ active searches. These profiles form the time-optimised basis for immediate targeted displays of online advertising.

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What Drives Us

Backed by years of experience and boasting an all-new type of data-based technology, we’ve succeeded in combining the benefits of search and display advertising.

Nano Interactive presents online marketing campaigns based on users’ specific search behaviours. Advertisers reap enormous benefits, gaining increased attention for their campaigns plus a significant leap in user engagement.

Nano’s solutions are cross-platform and cross-format. Advertisers’ branding activities are implemented with as much efficiency as their search and performance operations.


Search Retargeting – The efficiency booster for your online campaigns.

We show you how to maximise your campaigns’ performance. Contact us!

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Nano Interactive supplies innovative solutions for online campaigns. Our Search Retargeting method ensures that advertising messages hit home – and that our advertisers’ targets are met, and even exceeded.

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Data Partners

Nano Interactive Data Partners can unlock new opportunities to monetise their own website – with complete transparency. Joining our system is fast and easy, involving minimum technical effort.

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