Our award-winning live intent identity-free targeting solution (LIIFT ™) understands the live intent of users plus the deeper meaning and sentiment of the campaign environment to deliver powerful campaign results without the use of identifiers. 


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What we do

What we do What we do

Nano is a live targeting platform that connects advertisers to relevant users at the moment that they are most receptive to the message.

Our technology harnesses the power of live intent signals such as search queries, next generation contextual analysis that can understand the underlying meaning and sentiment of content and advanced machine learning capabilities to better target users at their moment of intent.

Our technology is built to deliver advertising campaigns without the need for any personal identifiers. This allows brands to connect with their audience across the entire open web without cookies, IDs or any other proxy for identification.

We deliver incremental reach and proven performance improvements to display and video campaigns.

1000's of direct publisher integrations

Our relationships with 1000’s of premium publishers means brand messages appear in high quality contextually relevant environments.

High impact creatives

Our creative suite matches formats to campaign KPI’s and goals. Formats include Native Ads, IAB standard formats or high impact formats such as rich media display or video ads.

Brand metrics & actionable insights

Our technology optimises campaign performance and we identify data-backed, actionable insights to inform your future marketing strategies. Our new attention-focused metrics measure the quality of user interactions, going way beyond traditional measures of success.

Find out how we

Find Out how we
  • Target users live from search queries
  • Have zero reliance on personal identifiers
  • Use next generation contextual analysis to target using meaning and sentiment
  • Go beyond traditional metrics to measure the things that really matter

Extended reach

We extend the reach of all your campaigns to include the 80% of the web that is not ‘identified’.

Intent and meaning

Standard contextual targeting alone isn’t enough to target with precision and engage audiences when they are in the right mindset.
Our LIIFT ™ technology is the only privacy-first solution on the market that combines live data, deep on-page entity analysis and machine learning to deliver the best possible outcomes. Our technology uses complex live scoring methodology that understands the intent of the user and determines the underlying meaning, semantics and sentiment for a particular brand on a particular page.

No personal identifiers

Our solutions completely remove the reliance on identity, enabling enhanced privacy for users and simpler campaign execution across all channels and partners.

Flexibility: Managed Service, Programmatic or Data only

Our platform has been designed to help all advertisers and their agency partners to future proof their campaigns in the way that best suits their requirements.

Why Nano?

Why Nano

Get closer to
your audience

Our in-depth insights give you a clearer picture of your audience across a range of verticals and help inform your planning.

Nano’s Live targeting solution enabled us to extend our reach, targeting relevant consumers in cookieless environments with multiple creatives during moments of increased affinity and high intent. Utilising keyword data signals in real-time and across cookie-less environments enabled us to target during optimal levels of intent helping drive excellent results for Mondelez.

- George Thorpe
- Display Account Manager (Carat)

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