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Techn ology

Why Nano?

Why Nano

Extended reach

We extend the reach of all your campaigns to include the 80% of the web that is not ‘identified’.

Customised targeting

Using our unparalleled experience, Nano has developed a unique targeting model that is now being made accessible to clients buying their own media via DSPs.

Every single impression can now be assessed to help advertisers made prudent, privacy-first media targeting decisions in real-time, tailored to their unique campaign goals.

No personal identifiers

Our solutions completely remove the reliance on identity, enabling enhanced privacy for users and simpler campaign execution across all channels and partners.

Intent and meaning

Our LIIFT ™ technology is the only privacy-first solution on the market that uses live data and deep on-page analysis to determine the underlying meaning, sentiment and brand safety.

All this is done in real-time and can be implemented pre-bid.

  • Managed Service

    Nano does all the campaign management for you from optimisation through to campaign reporting.

  • Deal ID

    Our Deal ID offering enables clients to buy our bespoke curated audiences through their DSP of choice.

product offering

Programmatic Product offering

Our partnership with Xandr

The Nano LIIFT™ platform brings advertisers the innovation of live identity free targeting at scale.

Nano LIIFT™ has shown itself to deliver great results for advertisers whilst at the same time having true user privacy at the centre of its design. We believe that targeting free of all personal identifiers will be one of the fastest growth sectors in digital marketing. Our partnership with Xandr means that advertisers can have full flexibility in how they can utilise the unique live Nano LIIFT™ dataset to deliver campaign success at the exact moment of user intent.

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